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LiveWorx 2017
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Smart Cities 2.0: What Works Today Let's imagine a modern city in 2020. A Smart City. Urban planning, ecology, and information technology reach everywhere to improve quality of life. Sensor-based systems are already in place in many municipalities all over the world. Soon, smart cities everywhere will be generating tons of data to help us find a parking spot, conserve water, monitor transport, crowds, and pollution levels, and keep us safe. In Smart Cities 2.0, the citizens are driving. They demand quality-of-life indices. Lighting, energy, water, transportation are crucial; air quality and noise pollution touch everyone acutely. Sustainability has moved to the forefront and so has urban resilience, the ability to recover quickly from climate change risks or other disasters. Carlos Herrando
Closing the Loop with Enterprise Change Management Weatherford is a large global enterprise providing products and services to the oil and gas industry. The organisation is very geographically diverse and follows a design anywhere build anywhere philosophy. Building to order makes it hard to know the impact of a change, making change management particularly difficult and critical. The current Engineering Change process has been carefully designed as a result of many years of PLM and ERP experience, it makes use of some key business rules for data validation and revisions in PLM, as well as some minimal interaction and integration with ERP. The validations ensure data integrity is always good, the ERP interaction provides real time information and communication between Engineering and Supply Chain at various stages of the process. It also ensures that changes are implemented throughout the enterprise, closing the loop between design, manufacturing and inventory management, providing True Enterprise change. Lewis Lawrence
Service Keynote Every day you're reminded to improve service in order to drive more revenue and to exceed customers' increasing expectations. You believe smart connected service has real potential to do this. However, with so many service use cases, new business models, and smart connected innovations, it can be overwhelming and challenging to pick your path. How do you focus and provide your team a direction in order to realize your vision? During this presentation we will articulate three tried and true service journey pathways that deliver incremental and long term value. You'll hear multiple PTC client success stories and learn from their experience how to make the most successful service transformation. Dave Duncan
Felisa Palagi
Jim Sweeney
Steven Caldwell
Kick-Start Your Journey: Your Path to Digital Transformation Starts Here The Retail and Consumer Products market is undergoing a massive digitally-enabled transformation, including; optimizing the consumer experience, added pressure around time-to-market and increased connectivity and collaboration with supply chain partners. PTC Retail Leadership shares our retail strategy and best practices on how to compete effectively in today's digital world. Eric Symon
Welcome - A&D Industry Breakout Kick-off Session As the lead of the FA&D business segment at PTC, I will welcome you all, outline the agenda and what we hope will be accomplished over the next two days. I will also share the PTC strategy for our Aerospace and Defense solutions, and how they overlay to the US Department of Defense Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model as well as set the scene for the next two days. We will use this agenda to help address some of most important technology and business issues that face our customers in the aerospace and defense industry today. Major General H. Brent Baker (Retired)
The Next Big Thing in Automobiles Model Based Systems Engineering is the next big engineering paradigm after the commercial introcuction of CAD. We will discuss how system models take their roles as communication platforms for all engineering disciplines when developing multi disciplinary systems Manfred Broy
Dominik Ruechardt
How We're Taking Care of Healthcare Medical device manufacturing companies are facing fierce competition and a wealth of opportunities to participate in the connected healthcare marketplace. At the same time, advanced technology inherent in medical devices requires all aspects of the system-including mechanics, electronics, software, and hardware-to be carefully controlled throughout the product's development. Learn about PTC's current offerings and future plans to deliver both platform-based and purpose-built solutions tailored to the unique needs of medical device manufacturers. Michael Prudhomme
Swapan Jha
Creo Roadmap Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management provides an overview of some of the exciting and groundbreaking capabilities available in Creo 4.0 as well as a sneak peek at Creo 5.0 content. Hear how Creo provides solutions to address the needs of businesses and technology companies as they navigate their digital engineering journey. Learn how to transform your organization from a 2D centric to 3D Model Based enterprise or digital tapestry. Discover how the transformations taking place in manufacturing processes and how organizations are leveraging emerging Additive Manufacturing techniques. You’ll learn how to improve productivity across the entire spectrum of the product portfolio and provide engineers with clearer insight into how their products are being used today and how they can transform as your organizations transform on their journey towards smart, connected products. Paul Sagar
Putting the SMART in connected applications Leverage ThingWorx Analytics in your IoT Transformation Journey to Understand, Advance, and Outperform. Sukeshi Iyer
Chris MacDonald
Smart Robotics: Making Robots Intelligent, Cognitive, Aware Any Internet search for the terms "artificial intelligence," "cognition," or "machine learning" with the word "robotics" will return a slew of research and commercial initiatives focused on the intersection of the technologies. Many of these are focused on using robotics to further the understanding of the brain, while others emphasize these technologies as an enabler for robotic decision making, object identification, vision processing, navigation, motor control, sensor integration and other functions, as well as speech, facial and emotion recognition. In this session, attendees will learn how the latest AI and machine learning software and hardware technologies and techniques are being employed to make robotics systems more intelligent. Dan Kara
The History and Future of Wearable Computing and Virtual Experience Miniature electronics and global supply chains have us on the cusp of a new era of human experience. Early forms of wearable computing focused on augmenting the human ability to compute freely. As pioneer Steve Mann and calm technology pioneer Mark Weiser wanted, “to free the human to not act as a machine”. What does this mean for us as designers and developers, and how can we build interfaces for the next generation of devices? Who was here before us, and how can we best learn from them? These are the machines that will be a part of our lives in only a few years from now, and the best way to learn about the future is to dig into the past. This talk will focus on trends in wearable computing and VR as it developed from the 1960s to now, and then into the future. This talk will cover various topics on the history and future of wearables. We'll learn about Ivan Sutherland, human augmentation, infrastructure, machine vision, processing, distributed computing and wireless data transfer, a church dedicated to VR, computer backpacks, heads up displays, reality editing, job simulators and unexplored realms of experience that haven't yet come to life. We'll also learn about the road from virtual reality to augmented reality and what we need to build to get there. This talk is for anyone interested in how we can add a new layer of interactivity to our world and how we can take the next steps to get there. Amber Case
Game of Drones: First Flight In this briskly paced live demonstration, We will design, construct, and 'fly' a drone developed entirely with the Creo suite of tools in about 30 minutes. Starting with a basic wiring schematic and an empty skeleton structure, you will supply real-time requirements to drive the design. Creo Piping is used to create a simple, lightweight frame. Creo Cabling is leveraged to create wiring connections. Creo Mechanisms simulate motion. New capabilities of Creo Parametric 4.0 including direct export of the frame to a 3D printer are also used. At the end of the demonstration, a sample drone built from the Creo models is assembled - and 'flown' (safely and in a controlled manner) using a WiFi connection from your smartphone. Brian Martin
How IoT and AR Reach Crazy Fast Speeds Utilizing IoT and Augmented Reality throughout a Race Car's Lifecycle. Abstract: Griiip, a startup company, designs and manufactures innovative race cars targeted at the entry level racing categories. Griiip implements new technologies with an emphasis on affordability while creating a new racing experience for all. Using IoT and Augmented Reality (AR) is a significant part of the company's strategy to change motorsport. Suppling users and consumers with all the data they need, directly and right-on-time, will enable them to operate independently without intermediary entities. We will share how Griiip uses the sensors installed on its G1 race cars to collect, analyze, and present data benefiting and increasing the effectiveness of each participant throughout the cars' life cycle: engineering, operations, service, marketing, sales and -most important- the drivers and viewers. Tamir Plachinsky
The IoT Can Even Help You Breathe Better We are working with a leading medical device manufacturer to help launch its first connected device. GCE Group designed and manufactured a portable oxygen concentrator Zen-O, which allows patients with respiratory disorders to manage their oxygen treatment better remotely. InVMA has built a custom IoT application using theThingWorx platform, to allow patients, doctors and service providers to carefully monitor data, whenever and wherever they are. We are providing the critical security which GCE Group requires for their connected medical device. The Zen-O device will benefit from our policy-driven KeyScaler™ platform as patients and doctors are provided with secure access to their encrypted data, while unauthorized users are not. Learn more about the medical solution from design to implementation in this case study which includes a demonstration using the device. Jon Hill
James Penney
HIROTEC’s Rapid IoT Success Utilizing A Scalable Strategy At LiveWorx 2016, HIROTEC presented their initial IoT strategy for the rollout of a small scale test of ThingWorx in a six week project sprint. Building on the success of that initial project, HIROTEC will share details on their how they created a full real-time and historical data visualization system for an robotic exhaust inspection system, by utilizing ThingWorx and Kepware. HIROTEC will also share how in just two weeks, with the help of PTC and ThingWorx Analytics, it was able to create and launch a real-time robotic arm failure predication system. Finally, HIROTEC will share information on how it is currently working to implement full real-time and historical data visualization on an entire production line. HIROTEC hopes to share how its strategies of growth through scalability can be utilized by your company to achieve similar rapid success. Justin Hester
Delight Customers and Gain Their Loyalty for Life Gaining visibility into existing data from your products is a significant milestone toward advanced service transformation. Leveraging solutions like Remote Service, Predictive Service with smart, connected products deliver major advantages when performing high value customer service. These become the foundation to advanced service contracts that delight customers and build lifetime customer loyalty. Join us for this session as we review the exciting PTC solutions that empower you on your journey to connected service. In addition, we will be joined by two connected service pioneers who are finding success paving the way forward. Jim Sweeney
Digital Engineering Transformation Journey and You You'll hear a lot about the Digital Engineering Journey throughout the week at LiveWorx - by attending this session discover how it will affect you. No matter what industry you are in or what department you occupy in your organization, the introduction of smart, connected technology will completely disrupt the way you are currently operating. Join us for this session as we outline what role you will play in this transformational journey, how you can prepare for the changes, and why you're going to love working in the IoT era. Kevin Wrenn
SLM Spare Parts Management Expert Panel - Mission Readiness through Supply Chain Optimization This panel of industry experts will discuss how different organizations such as the US Coast Guard and the Boeing Co have successfully utilized PTC Servigistics SPM solution to drive up fleet readiness and systems availability while positively impacting sustainment & operation costs. We'll discuss techniques such as Causal Forecasting and Multi-echelon Optimization, as well as the business considerations for migrating from older versions of SPM to the latest SPM v11. Dean Herdt
Danny Hale
Michael Mohesky
Marco Calderon
Wesley Malcolm
Blockchain Technology: Paradigm Shift or Pixie Dust: Separating The Hype From the True Potential In the past several years, Blockchain Technology has moved from something that – if spoken of at all – was relegated to conversations about bitcoin. Now, Blockchain is a dominant conversation topic, not only around finance, but as it relates to the arts, music business, real estate, and many other sectors.< The reasons for this increased level of discourse are many, but relate to three key components of Blockchain Technology: - It is a distributed ledger - Because of the distributed nature of the ledger, it is immutable, and accessible to all - A core component of Blockchain technology is the concept of Smart Contracts, which allow for transactions to occur at scale and without intermediaries Still, confusion around the plausibility and relevance of Blockchain Technology remain; with some viewing it as a panacea and others viewing it as without merit. Over the past year, I have authored dozens of articles on Blockchain Technology, conducted dozens of interviews with key thought leaders in the Blockchain Tech space, spoken at dozens of events on Blockchain Tech, and consulted with numerous companies and entrepreneurs in this space. This session will consolidate my findings and offer recommendations with respect to the future of Blockchain Tech, how to benefit from it, and how to separate the hype from the actual promise. George Howard
Streamlining the MBD and Detailing Process with Creo Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend this session to learn how the new capabilities in Creo Parametric 4.0 help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition. In case your company is not ready yet to fully move to MBD, you will also learn about the powerful improvements in 2D detailing. Raphael Nascimento
Internet of Sieves: Data Loss Prevention in the Age of IoT Enterprise-wise, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) has often been a means of "keeping honest people from doing dumb things". However, the advent of the Internet of Things and its rapid proliferation is straining the effectiveness of DLP. Sophisticated, embedded devices are permeating enterprise and home networks. Attack surfaces and data exfiltration opportunities are increasing in lockstep. The shortcomings of IoT security have been well covered, but there has been very little discussion on how to instrument and monitor the channels used by IoT devices in an effort to prevent data loss. In this talk, we will point out some of the possibilities for data exfiltration in various IoT products and the current (and possibly future) state of the art in defending against this problem. Kelly Lum
Zach Lanier
Global Retail Technology Market Trends & Predictions Briefing on the state of play of the global retail market including trends, challenges, opportunities and the latest technologies playing a crucial role in transforming the retail industry. Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Eric Symon
One Size CAN Fit All: Leveraging IoT Gateways for Channel Success This year, 6.4 billion IoT devices will be connected worldwide, jumping to nearly 21 billion by 2020. Advances in architecture supporting IoT and M2M connectivity provide channel partners a rare opportunity to serve dynamic markets - transportation, industry, law enforcement, and many others - with a single platform that can scale to fit. New gateways offer real-time, on-site analysis, using fog computing integrated with cloud-based analytics, which provides added flexibility and performance. Advances in connectivity ensure high-quality, 'always on' communications. Managed service capabilities allow channel partners to monitor, update, and maintain their deployments. Paola Realpozo
Go to the Cape? Or Upgrade to Windchill v.11? Hmmm Migrating from PDMLink 10.2 to 11.0? Hear how Daktronics migrated their Windchill environments from PDMLink 10.2 M030 CPS11 to PDMLink 11.0 M010 including upgrades to Oracle 12c with a 500 GB database. The migration was run across three test and one production environment consisting of 24 servers, all new production hardware, supporting over 500 users spanning engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and product management. Learn how detailed planning, multiple test runs, and user preparation allowed us to successfully complete the production system upgrade over a weekend. Leo Schleicher
Andy Hermanson
Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress: How David’s Bridal Develops the Right Product, At the Right Time, Faster with Consumer-Driven Predictive Analytics It’s tough to develop and pick successful new products. With new product failure rates well over 50%, even experienced designers and merchants struggle to launch products that will win in the market. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics, retailers and brands can identify which products will resonate best with customers and make better decisions armed with both history-based planning tools and the voice of the customer. Join us to learn how incorporating the voice of the customer into assortment and planning decisions can significantly reduce markdowns and increase margins. Discussion points include how to: - Reduce markdowns by more accurately forecasting demand, AUR price, and margin for each item - Shorten time to market, cut product testing costs, and increase new product success rates using customer-powered predictive analytics. - Leverage your PLM investment by integrating with ThingWorx Advanced Analytics and real-time consumer input for optimized line planning. Mark Chrystal
Gretchen Jezerc
100% BOM Association and What it Can Do for You We will share an overview of the implementation of 100% association between WTParts and CAD Objects across John Deere. The implementation enables full visualization of the Engineering BOM (EBOM). Cory Oltrogge
The Digital Value Chain - GE's manufacturing journey We will share the solution strategy that enabled our digital thread solution connecting CAD, PLM, ERP and MES pillar applications to enable digital manufacturing. We'll outline multiple use cases supporting make to stock, configure to order and engineer to orderflows. Additionally, we'll highlight business challenges and application limitations that need to be overcome to meet all business requirements. Robert Ibe
Design for Additive Manufacturing A review of the capabilities in Creo 4.0 to Design for Additive Manufacturing, and an explanation on how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Jose Coronado
Creo Parametric 4.0: Core Modeling Product Update Learn about the latest enhancements to Creo Parametric’s core and flexible modeling capabilities, which apply both to regular part mode and sheet metal design. The session ends with a look at what’s planned for in Creo 5.0. Martin Neumueller
Service Transformation: New Ways to Grow Your Business for Less Across many industries, innovation is creating powerful synergies between connected devices, the cloud, and business applications. At the same time, global competition is unrelenting and when product margins are under pressure, manufacturers and service providers must look for new ways to drive their businesses growth. Learn how companies are embracing digital transformation and leveraging service as a key area of that transformation to drive efficiency, profits and customer experience. Lubor Ptacek
USAF/ARMY – “Increase Readiness, Improve Warfighter Support” through Agile, Integrated Mission Planning The U.S. Department of Defense operates the most complex global supply chains in the world. The USAF is highly respected for managing one of the most complex supply chains with over 5,000 aircraft, 650,000 items, and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across a global theatre of operations. PTC Service Parts Management SaaS will enable the USAF to improve demand forecast accuracy, reduce planning workload, implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability, achieve near real-time supply chain metrics, improve logistics cost estimation and optimize aircraft availability by location. The U.S. Army established the Transforming Army Supply Chains (TASC) project to investigate the nature, causes, and consequences of demand uncertainty and supply variability. TASC identified and tested several catalysts for innovation, including mission-based forecasting (MBF), a new concept to support demand planning for military operations. MBF capitalizes on big data, the Internet of Things (IOT), and predictive analytics for condition-based maintenance (CBM). CBM extends predictive maintenance concepts through the use of sensors, Internet connectivity, and digital analytics to determine the remaining useful life of items and ensure replacement as needed prior to executing a particular mission. MBF testing has resulted in substantial reductions in forecast error, inventory savings of billions of dollars, and elimination of costly work-arounds. Greg Parlier
Dave Robbins
e.GO Life: Outcome-based Design for electric cars Electric cars that are fun, practical and affordable – e.GO Mobile takes a radically new approach to design, validate and produce lightweight e-cars for everyday use. Uncompromising cost efficiency and maximum flexibility are key to success in this highly competitive and fast-changing market. The traditional OEM-Supplier approach has been replaced with a collaborative research and engineering partner network. The agile product engineering process is characterized by small and fast iterations to get immediate feedback from prototype users. Rather than wasting time and effort by managing copious amounts of requirements and textual specification documents which quickly become outdated, a model-based system design allows for early system behavior validation through simulation, automatic generation of all necessary software elements for system connectivity and prototype-in-the-loop validation for constant improvement of critical performance parameters such as the e-car’s range. This session explains and demonstrates these techniques with PTC’s model-based systems engineering capabilities in combination with Thingworx as IoT platform. Christoph Johannes Braeuchle
Panel Discussion: Connecting Your Business to the Smart Cities We All Live In Hear from our panel of experts representing, City of Boston, BigBelly, Envision Charlotte, Libelium, and Tampere, as they discuss how their cities are leveraging technology to drive better city outcomes in areas such as energy, water, waste, buildings, and transportation. Attend this session to learn more about how your business can collaborate with cities to create new mutually beneficial opportunities. Teppo Rantanen
Carlos Herrando
Nigel Jacob
Amy Aussieker
Leila Dillon
Scott McCarley
Product Update: Creo Product Insight Learn about the new Creo Product Insight and how it will help you design and optimize smart connected products. Take advantage of the IoT to understand how your products are really being used, improve product quality and ensure that future products better meet the needs of your customers. Arnaud van de Veerdonk
The Mind Map of an IoT Chief Security Architect The mind map of a security architect for an end-to-end IoT platform may look like the map Lewis and Clark started with for their expedition through the Louisiana Territory. Like those intrepid explorers, security architects need a wide range of skills and experience to navigate in Terra Incognito. And, even with all the right experiences, the architect cannot be sure when they will reach their destination and at what cost. In this talk, we will identify some of the core elements of a successful end-to-end IoT platform and consider whether the same level of security is required at all corners of such an IoT ecosystem. Like intrepid explorers: we'll help you navigate a highly fragmented market to deliver products and platforms to customers, executing multiple steps of Sacagawean-like translations between elements such as: (1) SOC, BLE and Wifi chips to high availability load balancers; (2)Docker-based micro services on AWS; (3) Secure Element API and device SDK to REST API and COAP; (4) Secure boot and firmware update to AWS authorized OS images and CloudFormation templates; (5) Device factory provisioning to commissioning, on boarding, and cloud registration; (6) Device secure storage to AWS KMS for DB encryption; and (7) Code static analysis to DDOS incident response Madjid Nakhjiri
Global PLM Consolidation, Harmonization and Deployment: The Stryker Story After repeated attempts at PLM, and in an effort to transform their organization from franchise model to an effective operating company, Stryker was looking for a strategic PLM partner to help lead a global program to harmonize processes, effect organizational change and implement leading practice PLM capabilities to effectively respond to competitive market pressures and deliver breakthrough innovations in Connected Care. Learn about Stryker's journey as they navigate this challenging, multi-year, transformational effort encompassing global process harmonization including R&D, Manufacturing Operations and Quality & Regulatory groups to deliver on a three year roadmap.  Through leading practice, rapid deployment methodologies and standardization with a multi-year phased approach, Stryker is now on a successful journey to global PLM adoption and deployment. Toniel Speidel
Rod Walters
Who Wants to be a Creo Engineer? Attend this fun, interactive presentation on Creo Parametric 4.0 tips and tricks. In game show fashion, you'll team up and answer questions all while learning tips, tricks and what's new in Creo Parametric 4.0. Topics covered will range from general usability to new advanced features. You'll have the ability to test your knowledge to see if you have what it takes to call yourself a Creo Engineer. Steven LaPha Jr.
Vanessa Martins
FDA’s Case For Quality - Investing in Quality Pays Case for Quality is a multi-year FDA led initiative to develop best practices to improve product and manufacturing quality beyond compliance with regulatory requirements. The effort is being coordinated by Medical Device Innovation Consortium (MDIC), a partnership between FDA, industry and other collaborators. Because of repetitive quality issues and stagnant data among device manufacturers, the FDA and medical technology companies should: 1) Collaborate on practices in device design and production to enhance patient safety and access to high quality medical devices. 2) Change focus from just regulatory compliance to sustained product quality. 3) Continually engage all parties to advance device product quality. All of this leads to Windchill QMS, a solution that creates a closed loop system established on a single repository, harmonized with ISO 13485 which is a quality management standard for medical devices. The solution covers the complete lifecycle of a medical device from initial conception to final disposal. We will share USDM Life Sciences journey on all the points outlined above. Travis Reeder
Kim Hutchings
Industrie 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing, PTC’s Manufacturing Transformation Journey We'll take you through the manufacturing Journey. Learn to continuously improve your operational performance and flexibility through digital manufacturing, real-time intelligence predictive analytics and more. You will be taken through 3 stages of the journey, Understand, Advance and Outperform. We will cite customer success stories. *MFG place holder to be expanded* Howard Heppelmann
The A to Z of Parts Pricing and Inventory Finding a balance between developing a profitable pricing strategy while building customer loyalty is a challenge for many aftersales divisions. Countless factors, such as lifecycle considerations, and competition can critically impact the price model. We will review trending issues in parts pricing and show you how to create an effective pricing strategy. We'll touch on best practices based on our expertise and experience with countless clients as well as how to best incorporate Service Parts Management techniques such as forecasting into your Service Parts Pricing strategy. Chris Rose
Andy West
Jon Utterback
Ruchir Patel
Now You See It. Soon You'll Have It Your latest and soon to be greatest product is months away from a prototype but your sales call is next week. Take your product to the customer via AR. Demo your product via iPad with the detail and quality as if the product was physically there. Sandra Humphrey
IoT Delivers Cleaner Air, Rivers, Lakes and Swimming Pools A deep dive into multiple case studies of how we use IoT, Analytics and Augmented Reality for governmental bodies and Manufacturers in Europe. You'll learn how these transformational technologies, including high-speed data networks, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, IoT, cloud computing, augmented reality and data analytics combine to manage infrastructure systems and create superior products. Our case studies include monitoring and forecasting bacteria in rivers, lakes, swimming pools and using real-time data from sensors for cleaner air. Manufacturers can now answer questions like, "Where in our production sequence can we improve the quality of our products?" "What are the weak links of our products?" "Is there a relationship between production glitches and our various vendors?" We will take you through a journey of how governmental bodies and Enterprise companies are transforming their business models and strategies by embracing IoT and moving towards Analytics and Augmented Reality. David Daud
MBD: Reality is in the Eye of the Beholder (Or Stakeholder) We'll discuss some of the challenges you might encounter when exchanging a Model-Based Definition (MBD) between various stakeholders of a product. They often hold disparate positions because they focus on different aspects of the product's lifecycle. This also means exchanging data amongst multiple CAD systems, PDM systems or downstream devices such as inspection equipment. Rosemary Astheimer
A Herculean Service Story We'll take you through how Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co is using the PTC Service and Parts Information for S1000D solution to provide its customers with a next generation Service Information Solution in support of the world famous C130J Hercules Program. There is no aircraft in aviation history - either developed or under development - that can match the flexibility, versatility and relevance of the C-130J Super Hercules. In continuous production longer than any other military aircraft, the C-130 has earned a reputation as a workhorse ready for any mission, anywhere, anytime. Bill Hackney
Ian Boulton
Digitizing Design and Product Development The session will explore the shift toward digital tools and methods across design and product development processes to improve speed to market, drive innovation and enable better communication. Quach Hai
Panel Discussion: Leading Industry Experts Share their Model Based Definition Journeys: Where They Are, How Things are Working and the Challenges Encountered Join this presentation to hear leading industry experts from Raytheon, GE Oil & Gas, TE Connectivity and US Army ARDEC and Capvidia share how their organizations are approaching Model Based Definition (MBD) from pilot to production. Discussion points include: • Creating leadership support to train and pilot MBD while engaging other functional areas • Developing foundational standards for MBD to be implemented prior to initiating any transition to MBD. • Selection of a MBD pilot with wide-ranging contact (supply chain, quality, manufacturing) without critical path deliverables for low risk and high leverage value • How US Army ARDEC is using 3D pdf’s applied to Technical Data Packages under ARDEC’s MBE umbrella. • Utilizing Legacy 2D drawings with models automatically transferred to 3D Annotated MBD Models • GE Oil & Gas framework and integration of tools such as MBDVidia for PTC Creo provides clear benefits of 3D Annotated Models • The biggest cultural change is not necessarily moving from detailing a 2D drawing to annotating a 3D model but rather the paradigm shift in what ways and how the 3D model is used by others. Kenneth Abbott
Ryan Gelotte
William Cockrell
Daniel Campbell
PLM Roadmap “The Internet of Things is an industry game-changer. In order to stay competitive, it is essential that organizations embark on a Digital Engineering Journey to transform the way that they create products that are smart and connected. Over the past year, PTC has introduced new PLM solutions that will fast-forward your organization along its journey – energizing and connecting your product development teams and in turn, enabling you to get greater value from your PLM investments. We’ve taken important steps to integrate and extend the software and systems you depend on. During this session, hear more about how PTC’s PLM solutions can help completely transform the way that your organization engineers products, see demos of these solutions in action, and explore PTC’s roadmap to continue your organization’s evolution in the IoT era. If you are a Windchill customer, this is one session you cannot afford to miss!” Francois Lamy
Driving Design Reuse to Increase Productivity and Enable Collaborative Design Camso is the world’s leading manufacturer of off-road tires, tracks and track systems. This presentation shares how we are able to use top-down design methodologies to drive design reuse, increase productivity, and enable collaborative design. I will review Camso’s 3D model design process from conceptual idea to manufacturing the mold. As we go through, I will highlight and demonstrate specific Creo functionality we use throughout the process and how it is benefits our designers and suppliers. Martin St-Laurent
The Retrofit Opportunity For Connected Car The average car on the road is 11 years old. Why wait until connected cars trickle down to the masses? New products and services enable consumers to add some connected car features to their existing car. And these enable your business to offer new services and engagement to hook customers to your services and products. In this presentation, we will survey the emerging technologies, devices, and business models. These retrofit offerings will enable companies to use IoT to better serve customers in cars, without depending on the automakers. Frank E. Gillett
Automation of Order-to-Cash Process in Oil and Gas Water Management Services Around 20 billions barrels of water are produced every year onshore US from more than 1.5 millions oil and gas wells. This water is stored in tanks, requiring about 100 million truck rotations to recycle it. Each rotation involves a full Order-to-Cash process including a Service Request, a Field ticket, an Invoice and a Payment between the water hauler and the producer. This largely manual, paper-based process is hugely inefficient and costly at at a time when the industry is in great need of efficiency through automation. We will discuss how IoT on water tanks combined with a central integration B2B cloud platform can save money and optimize operations. Jean-pierre Foehn
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