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LiveWorx 2017
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How PLM Can Clean Your House We will discuss how iRobot was able to break down the barriers between engineering and operations leading to reduced costs and shorter cycles to market. Learn through iRobot's real-world example how to transform product development with PLM one step at a time. From Bill of Materials (BOM)structure setup, to parts classification, change management, supplier management, BOM forecasting and even product cost analytics. Stephen Drzewiczewski
Service Simulation: Taking the Guesswork Out of Service Parts Supply Chain Service Parts business demands delicate balance between inventory cost and service level. Faced with unpredictable and changing reality, even the most optimally planned supply chains suffers from expensive excesses, service shortfalls, unforeseen disruptions and hazy forward-looking picture of inventory investment. To top it, service as you measure differs from what the best of breed solutions are optimizing to. In order to accurately predict service levels and get a handle on health of your inventory, you need Service Simulation. It is a unique way to get insight into your service parts supply chain, so you can make your inventory work for you – guesswork out, reality in! In this session, you will learn about the various ways you will benefit from Service Simulation, and how Philips used it in annual budgeting process. Shrinaath Chidambaram
Vinod Arekar
The Benefits of Doing the Same Thing, the Same Way, Everywhere. Learn about Raytheon's journey to provide a repeatable process to deploy their customized Windchill PDMLink environment to both off-network labs and in-country, global data centers. The strategy of one common image allows the company to have the same familiar PLM application throughout the globe. Timothy Swett
Cameron White
Lianne Poisson
Twila Pfieffer
A Solar Turbine Blade, By Any Other Name Solar Turbines has been on a part classification and attributing journey for over ten years. We'll share our perspective and strategy on part classification and attributing journey and how we are using taxonomy to take our asset analytics to the next level. Catherine Tradd
Neo Creo: What's New. What's Next. What's Next After That This session will focus on the latest updates in Creo View 4.0 and enterprise visualization with Windchill 11.0. We will also preview the roadmap for Creo View and Windchill visualization going forward. Mark Lobo
Arming Yourself Against Cyber Warfare The growth of IoT will make the specter of cyber physical attacks - once rare - quite common, as attacks on hospitals, smart vehicles and implantable medical devices attests. The likelihood of cyber physical attacks makes it imperative that industry have clear guidelines on matters related to security and privacy. But what guidelines? And from whom? In this panel discussion, we will talk about the work that organizations have done to develop and promote cross industry standards and guidelines for securing connected devices. We will talk about some of the challenges inherent in IoT deployments: from provisioning and de-provisioning IoT devices to software updates. Craig Spiezle
Kick-Start Your Journey: Your Path to Digital Transformation Starts Here The Retail and Consumer Products market is undergoing a massive digitally-enabled transformation, including; optimizing the consumer experience, added pressure around time-to-market and increased connectivity and collaboration with supply chain partners. PTC Retail Leadership shares our retail strategy and best practices on how to compete effectively in today's digital world. Eric Symon
Why Size Matters with ThingWorx We'll have a discussion and walkthrough of typical ThingWorx reference architectures, covering both cloud-based and on-premise architectures. We will also provide guidelines to determine appropriate hardware for running your ThingWorx platform. David Bernbeck
Unscheduled Maintenance. It Can Cost Millions, Harm People And The Environment Systems operating in industrial settings require a high degree of Reliability and Availability. Facilities like power generation plants, manufacturing lines, and oil & gas drilling sites rely on the operational capability of complex equipment. The consequences of unscheduled maintenance include not just the costs of lost production revenue. Failures impact the bottom line through repair and clean-up costs while critical failures can potentially cause harm to people and the environment. Reducing the likelihood of failure in these environments has long been a goal of Reliability Engineering. This session will discuss Machine Learning analysis, how it will better identify failures and improve preventative maintenance while providing an example of a real world application of the process. Stefan Niculescu
Brad Cline
Everything Works with ThingWorx You are developing your IoT solution with ThingWorx, and you have tools that show how your application is being used. But you have question on how ThingWorx is being used. How many users, things and property writes? What are my ThingWorx performance and usage statistics. Join us for this overview of ThingWorx Performance Advisor and get the answers. Michael Tresh
2D, 3D, and Augmented Reality Right on Your Smartphone Learn about the new, exciting, unique, highly-efficient, and easy-to-use authoring application. It can help creating use-case, specific experiences including 2D, 3D and augmented reality content. And data from sensor-enabled IoT products and enterprise business systems consumed on phones, tablets and digital eyewear using ThingWorx View. Marc Schuetz
How 65 User Stories Turned Into 1 Smart User Interface Learn about our journey to collect over 65 user stories from key stakeholders in engineering, accounting, program management and purchasing to develop a user interface in ThingWorx to perform cost and weight rollups. In addition to the user interface developed, PACCAR connected to Windchill for metadata and representations along with metadata from spreadsheets. Hardik Kansupada
Bill Ryan
Using IoT technology to create a 'paperless factory' to improve operational efficiency The main challenge we faced was the lack of visibility into the shop floor. The 'big picture' was not fully represented across the factory's manufacturing process. Audit and compliance reporting was cumbersome requiring manual paper trails and logbooks which were prone to errors and inconsistencies. We wanted to improve operational efficiency and the utilization of resources. With IoT we succeeded. Details of the IoT implementation include: - Developing and setting up a 'paperless factory' - Establishing live dashboards for real-time reporting of key metrics. - Creating automated alarms and notifications distributed via email and mobile notifications - Digitizing quality control templates and incorporating in the integrated system - Making available checklists and guidance documentation to factory personnel via their mobile devices. - Implementing predictive analytics for machine maintenance and risk avoidance. Michael Guillory
Where To Plug-In in a World Without Plug-Ins? With the major web browsers removing support for plugins many OEMs are confronted with the requirement to find a better way. With the use of WebGL and other HTML5 compliant standards, find out how you can deliver web based content without plugins while maintaining the highest quality standards. OEMs are committed to improving customer experience through asset uptime, mean-time-to-repair and overall customer satisfaction. The benefit for OEMs is reduced service desk call volume, improved customer loyalty and parts return. Brian York
Jeffrey Coon
Industry Panel Discussion on Additive Manufacturing This panel will discuss the latest advancements in technology for Additive Manufacturing, the implications for manufacturing organizations and the path to implement AM in Production Environments. Roy Sterenthal
Karl vom Berge
Peter Secor
Jose Coronado
Model Based Enterprise from Pilot to Production Leading industry experts from Raytheon, NASA and US Army ARDEC and MBSE Solutions share how their organizations are approaching Model Based Enterprise (MBE) from pilot to production. Discussion points include: ? Expanding how 3D models are used at all functional levels through the enterprise including manufacturing operations and quality ? Selection of a MBD pilot with wide-ranging contact (supply chain, quality, manufacturing) without critical path deliverables for low risk and high leverage value ? How US Army ARDEC is using 3D pdf's applied to Technical Data Packages under ARDEC's MBE umbrella. ? Why NASA is implementing Model Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) and SySML William Cockrell
John Kreider
Bryan Fraser
James Hummell
Ian Boulton
Aerospace & Defense loT and Augmented Reality (AR) case studies In this session PTC, Orbital ATK and Avatar Partners will share some real world case studies of successful IOT and AR implementations in FA&D. The IOT can bring tremendous improvements in workforce performance and business intelligence. Learn how some A&D organizations are doing this today! Scott Toppel
Derek DeVries
Todd Stecker
Now You See It. Soon You'll Have It Your latest and soon to be greatest product is months away from a prototype but your sales call is next week. Take your product to the customer via AR. Demo your product via iPad with the detail and quality as if the product was physically there. Sandra Humphrey
A Better Way To Manage Data Management We will discuss the art of IoT connectivity. Currently, data is not being efficiently or effectively managed. We will show how Project/Program managers and Architects can solve this. We'll cover the cost of bad data profiling; different types of data, strategies for identifying "High-value" data, Edge strategies for minimizing data transfer and strategies for data storage James Klink
Ego Car: Outcome-based Design Digital Engineering transformation story Hedley Apperly
End-to-End Digitalization Journey on Customized Boats We will share the PLM journey at CNB. This will include a full digital mockup, configuration and change management, options and variants management, eBOM to mBOM, work instructions, and connected systems dashboards. CADIOU Wilfried
Preventing Cars from Flying off the Autobahn Customers of complex German luxury cars expect maximum driving comfort, safety and stability even when driving at top-speed on a winding Autobahn. Our innovative active roll stabilization (ARS) is available with some of the latest high-end cars and reduces the rolling motion of the vehicle when going around curves. We'll show you how PTC Integrity LM has been used to - track the requirements through the entire engineering process, - show constant progress and trace coverage to the customers and the safety assessors through real-time dashboards. - even connect the model-based engineering artifacts with natural-language specifications. You'll see an innovative engineering project not only successfully completed, but also fully compliant to safety standards and process requirements. And all this while even increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Christian Weyhersmueller
USAF – “Increase Readiness, Improve Warfighter Support” through Agile, Integrated Planning Processes with Robust Exception Management and Analytics Capabilities The U.S. Department of Defense operates the most complex global supply chain in the world. To address persisting problems, the U.S. Army established the Transforming Army Supply Chains (TASC) project to investigate the nature, causes, and consequences of demand uncertainty and supply variability. TASC identified and tested several catalysts for innovation, including mission-based forecasting (MBF), a new concept to support demand planning for military operations. MBF capitalizes on big data, the Internet of Things (IOT), and predictive analytics for condition-based maintenance (CBM). CBM extends predictive maintenance concepts through the use of sensors, Internet connectivity, and digital analytics to determine the remaining useful life of items and ensure replacement as needed prior to executing a particular mission. MBF testing has resulted in substantial reductions in forecast error, inventory savings of billions of dollars, and elimination of costly work-arounds. Greg Parlier
Dave Robbins
SLM Spare Parts Management Expert Panel - Mission Readiness through Supply Chain Optimization This panel of industry experts will discuss how different organizations such as the US Coast Guard and the Boeing Co have successfully utilized PTC Servigistics SPM solution to drive up fleet readiness and systems availability while positively impacting sustainment & operation costs. We'll discuss techniques such as Causal Forecasting and Multi-echelon Optimization, as well as the business considerations for migrating from older versions of SPM to the latest SPM v11. Dean Herdt
Marco Calderon
Danny Hale
Why The End User's Experience is the End All and Be All The manufacturing engineering landscape is changing dramatically with a steady migration away from the use of 2D manufacturing instructions. The introduction of Model Based Definition (MBD) processes is providing many options for the digitalization of the production process one of which is the use of Augmented and Mixed Reality technologies. The experience of the end user is key to the success of the implementation of AR and MR. We will present the benefits of the technology and explain the key components of a solution that are required for a successful end user AR/MR experience. Robin Nolan
John Welton
Streamlining the MBD and Detailing Process with Creo Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend this session to learn how the new capabilities in Creo Parametric 4.0 help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition. In case your company is not ready yet to fully move to MBD, you will also learn about the powerful improvements in 2D detailing. Raphael Nascimento
FA&D Executive Panel Discussion: Impact of IOT on Systems Readiness Executive Panel Discussion on the potential Impact of IIOT/AR technologies on systems readiness and affordability:  Speaker TBD - OSD, Gen Brent Baker (Ret) - PTC, Lt Gen Michael Dana - USMC, Mr Lou Kratz  - Lockheed Martin, Mr Chuck Evanhoe – President of EvanHoe associates. Major General H. Brent Baker (Retired)
Lou Kratz
Using IoT To Turbo-Charge Creo Creo Schematics provides support for system diagrams that can represent IoT infrastructures from device to back-end system. Further, Creo Schematics can be used to represent directly connected devices to form a more complex system. Coupled with the API provided with Creo Schematics, engineers and diagnosticians can combine real-time feedback from an installed system and display it on the system diagram with Creo Schematics. The live display can then be interrogated further to get down to the lower level wiring diagrams in order to verify designs and diagnose issues. We will demonstrate how this can be done and walk through how it can be set up, so you can understand the broader use of the IoT and Creo toolsets in novel scenarios. Cassandra Kemp
Martin Kemp
Global PLM Consolidation, Harmonization and Deployment: The Stryker Story After repeated attempts at PLM, and in an effort to transform their organization from franchise model to an effective operating company, Stryker was looking for a strategic PLM partner to help lead a global program to harmonize processes, effect organizational change and implement leading practice PLM capabilities to effectively respond to competitive market pressures and deliver breakthrough innovations in Connected Care. Learn about Stryker's journey as they navigate this challenging, multi-year, transformational effort encompassing global process harmonization including R&D, Manufacturing Operations and Quality & Regulatory groups to deliver on a three year roadmap.  Through leading practice, rapid deployment methodologies and standardization with a multi-year phased approach, Stryker is now on a successful journey to global PLM adoption and deployment. Todd Earls
Toniel Speidel
Rod Walters
Enabling the Model-Based Enterprise with PTC Technology Model-Based Enterprise is a lot more than just the elimination 2D drawings. The foundation of MBE is the product definition data set, which includes the 3D annotated model as well as attributes and other related data. Attend this session to learn how PTC technology can be used to help create and manage product definition data sets throughout the product lifecycle and across the extended enterprise Steve Shaw
Jean-Claude Niyonkuru
Raphael Nascimento
ThingWorx & Device Clouds Learn how ThingWorx paired with either AWS or Azure IoT services provides a comprehensive set of services to manage connected products. ThingWorx is designed as an open set of IoT platform services that can be deployed flexibly in either AWS or Azure clouds. Once deployed in the cloud ThingWorx can leverage both Edge and IoT services from either Microsoft or Amazon depending on the preference of your IT architects. Customers today leverage ThingWorx as a IoT Application Enabler to accelerate deployment of Smart Connected Product solutions using Azure and AWS. Ken Rawlings
How Working Together Works Out Best We'll examine Design Collaboration with internal & external vendors using out of the box Windchill functionality, combined with SAP rest services, multiple data sources and triggers. Intelligent access, preparation and notification of collaborative activities are contained within the solution. Collaboration with external suppliers, etc. is critical to the following activities: Time to market, data accuracy, ease of access, and accessing permissions. Session will examine: - Windchill configuration of the Promotion process "Send Drawing to Vendor." - SAP publishing event customization allowing collection and publication of CAD data stored in Windchill (triggered from SAP.) - Integration with SAP E-Sourcing solution, triggering CAD file publishing to external suppliers as part of a Request for Quotation event. - Generation of automatic email notifications triggered by the publication event including published content and links. - Rest Services setup and requirements. Mike Brattoli
Viji Vijay
Design Optimization Process for 3D Printed Designs Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) also known as 3D Printing is the manufacturing technique of the present and future. In this fabrication process, the shape complexity is free. We will provide an overview of ALM techniques with numerous examples. We'll discuss the enormous potential of light weight designs, the barriers of commercialization, a topology optimization work flow, sub divisional surface modeling, lattice structure features and Behavioral Modeling. Andreas Vlahinos
Building a Better Connected Nerf Blaster with Thingworx Building connected products can be a complex endevour. Thankfully, the ThingWorx SDKs make this an easy and straightforward process. We'll show how the ThingWorx Edge Team built a Connected Nerf Cannon using a Raspberry Pi and the ThingWorx Java SDK to easily communicate a wide variety of telemetry, and provide remote interaction with a connected device. Jason Diamond
Delivering Smart City Solutions and an Open City Wide Platform to Accelerate Economic Growth and Promote New Solution Innovation Cities have the need to both deliver smart city solutions that provide immediate value, as well as a city wide IoT platform to foster and accelerate future innovations from incubator businesses, universities, and high tech businesses. Cities can accomplish both goals with strategic smart city solution investments cities that together establish the necessary pieces of infrastructure to deliver a city wide platform. A city wide IoT platform in turn will ensure that all investments, such as physical assets, gateways, cloud environments or communication networks, are maximally leveraged and make onboarding new solutions and innovations easier, faster, and more economical. Attend this session to learn how cities can work with an ecosystem of partners that share a common vision to immediately deliver against numerous smart city goals with new smart IoT solutions and realize new opportunities by enabling the rapid deployment of new smart city sensors and solutions by universities, start-ups, and small, medium, and large businesses. The city wide platform will enable developers and businesses to more fully leverage existing IoT infrastructure in the deployment of new sensors and new solutions, and maximize reuse and avoid the reinvention of capabilities that are common to all solutions. The session will examine real world case studies and the key criteria for a city wide IoT platform, including as flexibility, agility, and openness. Also, importantly, the session will highlight how a platform can enable developers to add capabilities and accomplish things that would never have been possible otherwise. Ultimately, the true value of the city wide platform will be measured in its ability to accelerate economic growth in cities by promoting the creation of new local business ventures, and new services for existing businesses. Scott McCarley
Deconstructing Predictive Analytics: Tips, Tricks (and Treats) for All. Predictive analytics is a very scientific process and a lot of the algorithms come embedded into modern languages and databases. This presentation is an introduction to the predictive analytics from a business users and solutions architect view. We'll provide tips and tricks on predictive analytics work and the next logical step of prescriptive suggestions, and share three examples from the IoT, Oil & Gas and Retail Industry. Hari Guleria
Case Study: Connecting the Dots - Integrating the Supply Chain at Chico’s In today's fast fashion world, retailers understand the key elements that impact their ability to deliver timely, in-demand products to their customers. Critical to delivering on this goal is having the visibility into, and understanding of, garment components and their impact on lead times and delivery dates. Join executives from Nexgen Packaging, Chico’s and PTC who will explore how Chico’s successfully integrated PTC’s FlexPLM and Nexgen Packaging solutions to improve supply chain visibility, connectivity and engagement with vendor communities.
IoT Delivers Cleaner Air, Rivers, Lakes and Swimming Pools A deep dive into multiple case studies of how we use IoT, Analytics and Augmented Reality for governmental bodies and Manufacturers in Europe. You'll learn how these transformational technologies, including high-speed data networks, machine-to-machine (M2M) communications, IoT, cloud computing, augmented reality and data analytics combine to manage infrastructure systems and create superior products. Our case studies include monitoring and forecasting bacteria in rivers, lakes, swimming pools and using real-time data from sensors for cleaner air. Manufacturers can now answer questions like, "Where in our production sequence can we improve the quality of our products?" "What are the weak links of our products?" "Is there a relationship between production glitches and our various vendors?" We will take you through a journey of how governmental bodies and Enterprise companies are transforming their business models and strategies by embracing IoT and moving towards Analytics and Augmented Reality. David Daud
Lighting Controls Help Smart Cities Do More Than Just See Better Smart, connected cities, built with innovative IoT technology, promise to change the way people control and maintain their city's infrastructure and services. A key component of a smart city is the lighting network. Lighting and the intelligence in the lights exists at the edge, and combine to form a network. Learn how cities can deploy smart lighting, to not only deliver energy efficiency, optimal ROI, and compliance with regulations as it relates to lighting, but also to deliver a foundational platform for a multitude of smart city applications. From parking to security, a smart lighting network can transform your city to improve processes and quality of life with lower operating costs. Kathryn Caspar
Top 10 Windchill Improvements We will survey the top ten improvements made to Windchill from an administrator's perspective. We'll cover both system and business administrative areas and discuss topics including promotion tools, system monitoring, performance advisor, user administration and license usage reporting. Walid Saad
Applying rapid deployment techniques to IoT for fast time to value At LiveWorx 2016, we presented our initial IoT strategy, and plans to rollout a small scale test of ThingWorx in a six week project sprint. Building on the success of the initial project, We will share details on the next phase of the project to successfully implement three projects utilizing ThingWorx and Kepware software. We'll share how HIROTEC successfully implemented full data visualization into operational, quality, and reporting data across an entire automotive door production line. The quick implementation was made possible by the company's strategy of creating scalable IoT models and strategy. Justin Hester
The Digital Value Chain - GE's manufacturing journey We will share the solution strategy that enabled our digital thread solution connecting CAD, PLM, ERP and MES pillar applications to enable digital manufacturing. We'll outline multiple use cases supporting make to stock, configure to order and engineer to orderflows. Additionally, we'll highlight business challenges and application limitations that need to be overcome to meet all business requirements. Robert Ibe
How 'ThingWorx Database Integration Project' Makes Sweet, Sweet Music There are multiple databases in any business environment and are working in a distributed manner due to the nature of their implementation, suppliers, customer ownerships. Often there are issues that arise due to data inconsistency among them, manual errors in one of the databases that cascade to all of the systems, user inactions etc. This impacts business in many ways and if these are related to financial and project related systems, then we will have issues with revenue recognition etc. The solution is a databases integration project on ThingWorx platform that can address the issues by · Moving actions from being reactionary to being proactive and eliminate firefighting · Resolving issues that impact to revenue recognition · Other customization requirements on individual diverse systems to drive towards accuracy of information Pratimkumar Gaikwad
The A to Z of Parts Pricing and Inventory Finding a balance between developing a profitable pricing strategy while building customer loyalty is a challenge for many aftersales divisions. Countless factors, such as lifecycle considerations, and competition can critically impact the price model. We will review trending issues in parts pricing and show you how to create an effective pricing strategy. We'll touch on best practices based on our expertise and experience with countless clients as well as how to best incorporate Service Parts Management techniques such as forecasting into your Service Parts Pricing strategy. Andy West
Jon Utterback
Design for Additive Manufacturing A review of the capabilities in Creo 4.0 to Design for Additive Manufacturing, and an explanation on how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Jose Coronado
Implementing a Innovative QMS (Quality Management System) Using ThingWorx and Windchill We will explore a company's journey to implement a company-wide user interface (portal) for Quality Management System (QMS) documentations that are configuration managed in Windchill. Consumers of these documents are from all functional areas and different user level, some with no Windchill experience. The user interface was developed using ThingWorx Platform. We will walk through the journey from the "business use case" to "development", including lessons learned and tips and tricks. Janis King
Brian Joyce
Ian Boulton
Brownfield Or Greenfield? The Benefits Of The Path Less Taken The Brownfield IoT path is not frequently used compared to Greenfield IoT, therefore several opportunities through this field are often missed. We will discuss the differences between Brownfield and Greenfield IoT paths and potential opportunities surrounding Brownfield IoT. Emmanuel Odunlade
PLM Roadmap “The Internet of Things is an industry game-changer. In order to stay competitive, it is essential that organizations embark on a Digital Engineering Journey to transform the way that they create products that are smart and connected. Over the past year, PTC has introduced new PLM solutions that will fast-forward your organization along its journey – energizing and connecting your product development teams and in turn, enabling you to get greater value from your PLM investments. We’ve taken important steps to integrate and extend the software and systems you depend on. During this session, hear more about how PTC’s PLM solutions can help completely transform the way that your organization engineers products, see demos of these solutions in action, and explore PTC’s roadmap to continue your organization’s evolution in the IoT era. If you are a Windchill customer, this is one session you cannot afford to miss!” Francois Lamy
Industrial Connectivity for the IIoT Wondering how to get your manufacturing and industrial assets connected to IIoT platforms like ThingWorx? In order to get started leveraging the power of predictive analytics, machine learning, and more that these platforms offer, you must first connect to get the data! We'll show you how to bridge data from all your industrial equipment and PLCs to ThingWorx. We will demo: - Quickly connecting PLCs and sensors to the ThingWorx platform - Modeling data from the plant floor in ThingWorx - Viewing the data in a basic mash-up (or even AR experience) Rapidly connect your industrial data to ThingWorx to catch the IIoT wave - you won't want to miss it! Joanne Bacharach
How BMW Develops Complex, Safety-Critical Systems Using Model-based Engineering New Automotive Systems in E/E are highly connected and are built on the collaboration of distributed functions. In addition, the requirements for safety concepts are getting more and more demanding due to higher degrees of automated vehicle functions. In order to fulfill the norms like ISO26262, new methods to verify functional safety have to be introduced. System architectures and requirements have to be developed in parallel. We will share how BMW introduced -and the benefits of- step approach models for multi-level system architectures and the joint use and re-use of these models, all based on a common development methodology and a modeling tool chain, which integrates existing solutions and data. Georg Strobl
Andreas Korff
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