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LiveWorx 2017
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Welcome to Boston Opening Reception Get “wicked fired-up” at the official kick-off reception. Learn about the history of the city, sing your heart out at Boston themed karaoke, and eat & drink from a specially-crafted New England menu. Connect with fellow attendees as you help us celebrate the opening day of LiveWorx.
Unleashing the Full Potential of Connected Devices and Systems for Monitoring and Control in a Large Distributed Network of Things IoT is changing the way the industrial sector operates. Smart connected systems link data to people and processes and things. The robust networking of real time connectivity from sensors allows the collection and analysis of data for immediate decision making within the smart connected system. Industrial sectors that smart connected systems are greatly impacting are Agriculture, Smart Cities, Renewable Energy and Smart Buildings. A secure and scalable architecture is required in order to integrate multiple systems within a large distributed network. ThingWorx brings the power of the platform to bear in order to be able to rapidly create these smart connected systems. Keri Wright
From CAD to Beauty Shot in Minutes See how fast and easy it is to create photo-realistic, physically accurate raytraced renderings of your CAD data using KeyShot. Will Gibbons
Model Based - The Bridge from Systems Engineering to Definition Model Based Definition (MBD) provides significant advantages for the processes from design into manufacturing. It is more than working without drawings. It keeps all necessary information in one single place and provides the model as a hub for collaboration. Nevertheless, in early stages of the engineering process no geometry information is available. In these phases you can use a function based model for engineering and collaboration purposes in product definition. Today this two models are not linked together. In this presentation a way of bridging the gap is shown. You will see an integrated approach from a MBSE model of an individually specified conveyor over an automated model configurator to a specific conveyor design model. Tools are PTC Integrity Modeler, Creo, Windchill and some intelligent glue between them. Andreas Gallasch
Using Navigate to Enable Enterprise Collaboration Barriers between departments, different systems, various data streams, and reports can stifle a company's productivity. Throwing things over the wall is rarely the best solution. We'll talk about how current technology can bring your organization together and give people the information they need in a format that suits their needs regardless of department or data source. Chris Woerther
Anthony Bayerl
Mixed-Reality for Building Lifecycle Management Demonstration of AR-assisted interactive facility surveying environment for construction/engineering companies (that provide engineering services for building construction/modernisation/revitalisation) enabling time, effort and error reduction in capturing/validating as-built and as-planned data unlike traditional onsite facility surveying methods. Adam Gasiorek
A Better Way to Manage Data Management We will discuss the art of IoT connectivity. Currently, data is not being efficiently or effectively managed. We will show how Project/Program managers and Architects can solve this. We'll cover the cost of bad data profiling; different types of data, strategies for identifying "High-value" data, Edge strategies for minimizing data transfer and strategies for data storage James Klink
Physical Digital Convergence: The New Frontier of Innovation Jim Heppelmann, PTC President and CEO, shares his vision, and demonstrates how industrial companies and an ecosystem of partners and developers have unlocked new value at the convergence of the physical and digital worlds. Jim Heppelmann
Closing the Loop with Enterprise Change Management Weatherford is a large global enterprise providing products and services to the oil and gas industry. The organisation is very geographically diverse and follows a design anywhere build anywhere philosophy. Building to order makes it hard to know the impact of a change, making change management particularly difficult and critical. The current Engineering Change process has been carefully designed as a result of many years of PLM and ERP experience, it makes use of some key business rules for data validation and revisions in PLM, as well as some minimal interaction and integration with ERP. The validations ensure data integrity is always good, the ERP interaction provides real time information and communication between Engineering and Supply Chain at various stages of the process. It also ensures that changes are implemented throughout the enterprise, closing the loop between design, manufacturing and inventory management, providing True Enterprise change. Lewis Lawrence
Kick-Start Your Journey: Your Path to Digital Transformation Starts Here The Retail and Consumer Products market is undergoing a massive digitally-enabled transformation, including; optimizing the consumer experience, added pressure around time-to-market and increased connectivity and collaboration with supply chain partners. PTC Retail Leadership shares our retail strategy and best practices on how to compete effectively in today's digital world. Nick Lansley
Eric Symon
Welcome - A&D Industry Breakout Kick-off Session As the lead of the FA&D business segment at PTC, I will welcome you all, outline the agenda and what we hope will be accomplished over the next two days. I will also share the PTC strategy for our Aerospace and Defense solutions, and how they overlay to the US Department of Defense Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) model as well as set the scene for the next two days. We will use this agenda to help address some of most important technology and business issues that face our customers in the aerospace and defense industry today. Major General H. Brent Baker (Retired)
The Next Big Thing in Automobiles Model Based Systems Engineering is the next big engineering paradigm after the commercial introcuction of CAD. We will discuss how system models take their roles as communication platforms for all engineering disciplines when developing multi disciplinary systems Manfred Broy
Dominik Ruechardt
Creo Roadmap Paul Sagar, VP of Product Management provides an overview of some of the exciting and groundbreaking capabilities available in Creo 4.0 as well as a sneak peek at Creo 5.0 content. Hear how Creo provides solutions to address the needs of businesses and technology companies as they navigate their digital engineering journey. Learn how to transform your organization from a 2D centric to 3D Model Based enterprise or digital tapestry. Discover how the transformations taking place in manufacturing processes and how organizations are leveraging emerging Additive Manufacturing techniques. You’ll learn how to improve productivity across the entire spectrum of the product portfolio and provide engineers with clearer insight into how their products are being used today and how they can transform as your organizations transform on their journey towards smart, connected products. Paul Sagar
Putting the SMART in Connected Applications Leverage ThingWorx Analytics in your IoT Transformation Journey to Understand, Advance, and Outperform. Sukeshi Iyer
Chris MacDonald
The History and Future of Wearable Computing and Virtual Experience Miniature electronics and global supply chains have us on the cusp of a new era of human experience. Early forms of wearable computing focused on augmenting the human ability to compute freely. As pioneer Steve Mann and calm technology pioneer Mark Weiser wanted, “to free the human to not act as a machine”. What does this mean for us as designers and developers, and how can we build interfaces for the next generation of devices? Who was here before us, and how can we best learn from them? These are the machines that will be a part of our lives in only a few years from now, and the best way to learn about the future is to dig into the past. This talk will focus on trends in wearable computing and VR as it developed from the 1960s to now, and then into the future. This talk will cover various topics on the history and future of wearables. We'll learn about Ivan Sutherland, human augmentation, infrastructure, machine vision, processing, distributed computing and wireless data transfer, a church dedicated to VR, computer backpacks, heads up displays, reality editing, job simulators and unexplored realms of experience that haven't yet come to life. We'll also learn about the road from virtual reality to augmented reality and what we need to build to get there. This talk is for anyone interested in how we can add a new layer of interactivity to our world and how we can take the next steps to get there. Amber Case
Commercial Drones Take Flight: Current and Future Possibilities Commercial drones are helping businesses improve their efficiency, decision-making and safety. Commercial drones are transforming how many industries operate, including, construction, military, oil and gas, security and more. Learn how commercial drones can transform your business, the technologies helping the commercial drone industry take off, and the emerging breakthroughs on the horizon. Helen Greiner
Industrie 4.0 Transformation in Manufacturing – Seize the Opportunity!! Businesses around the globe recognize the huge opportunities for growth offered by the physical / digital convergence, the IIoT with unified connectivity and new manufacturing technologies. Together, these phenomena are driving new business models, enabling the cost-effective production of highly customizable products, while delivering unprecedented flexibility. These developments are collectively referred to as “Industrie 4.0.” Manufacturing organizations that can seize this wave of transformation will derive huge competitive advantage. Join us for this session and hear leading global experts discuss and explore this paradigm shift of manufacturing transformation, the opportunities and obstacles from four unique vantage points: Academia, Technology, Industry, and Government. Ira Moskowitz
Günther Schuh
Eric Schaeffer
Olivier Frank
Howard Heppelmann
Factory of the Future Case Study of a real-world implementation in the factory and what was the value delivered to the customers using IoT, connectivity and analytics. Lessons learnt from a real world Industry 4.0 deployment. Karthikeyan Natarajan
Unified Digitized Operations: Bringing IT and OT Together to Improve Visibility and Agility in Operations and Reduce Value Leaks with End-to-End Solutions Integrated manufacturing supply chains must collaborate across functional areas, business units and trading partners in order to achieve the speed and agility needed for today’s economy. Learn how Callisto Integration uses its manufacturing domain expertise and the ThingWorx IoT platform to make Smart Manufacturing a reality for its customers by building end-to-end solutions that result in unified, digitized operations. Discover how to leverage ThingWorx and its connectivity to devices; its ability to integrate with point solutions; and its ability to provide data abstraction through a common data model; enabling IT/OT convergence and driving visibility and agility in operations to prevent value leaks and realize improvement opportunities. Keri Wright
Yves Dufort
ThingWorx Edge Tunneling: How to Get from Here to There Have you ever attempted to VNC to a remote device only to find that VNC ports are blocked by the firewall? How about SSH? This is no longer an issue with ThingWorx Edge Tunneling. ThingWorx Edge Tunneling provides a route for any TCP based remote application through the secure ThingWorx AlwaysOn Websocket protocol. This session will cover the high-level capabilities of tunnels as well as the basic setup and common debugging problems. Jeff Dreyer
Analog Devices Connect – Simplifying the Development and Deployment of Sensor-to-Cloud Solutions This session will demonstrate how some of the newer tools available from Analog Devices can enable customers to build their own IoT applications. These leverage ThingWorx and AWS for cloud development. Our focus has been on combining our industry leading measurement and sensing solutions with an easy to use cloud development platform to enable customers to rapidly develop and deploy their own IoT applications with minimal coding experience. The session will demonstrate a range of different edge platforms that we have available today. Colm Prendergast
Giving the Green Light to Color Coding We're implementing Model Based in a large factory that is specialized in Moldings for medical applications for NovoNordisk. In this process, we have made the connection to Model Based Enterprise by connecting the processes to CMM and CAM. A process that also uses 3D CAD models which are color coded. This color coding is semantic and therefore re-used in the in the CMM and CAM modules. This gives a significant reduction on programming time on both CMM and CAM. Patrick Kerkhof
Henk Jorg
How to Securely Exchange Data Outside Your Enterprise Whether they admit it or not, almost all companies still utilize ancient (read: unsecure) methods to exchange supposedly highly confidential documents and other intellectual property. Despite the best efforts of IT originations and legal departments to outlaw the use of email and other casual means of distributing confidential documents, users find a way to work around these policies. It is common knowledge for example that these outlaw users can simply rename a .ZIP file to a .PIZ file to bypass most email restrictions, or use a personal free app to “drop” a file into a secure “box”. What trends are occurring in the areas of data exchange? Is IP protection getting better or worse? In many cases it seems that IT has just given up and end users can do whatever they want. This presentation explores the ways that information leaks out of your enterprise. Real world customer solutions will be presented as use cases. Bring your tough questions. Paul Downing
HIROTEC’s Rapid IoT Success Utilizing a Scalable Strategy At LiveWorx 2016, HIROTEC presented their initial IoT strategy for the rollout of a small scale test of ThingWorx in a six week project sprint. Building on the success of that initial project, HIROTEC will share details on their how they created a full real-time and historical data visualization system for an robotic exhaust inspection system, by utilizing ThingWorx and Kepware. HIROTEC will also share how in just two weeks, with the help of PTC and ThingWorx Analytics, it was able to create and launch a real-time robotic arm failure predication system. Finally, HIROTEC will share information on how it is currently working to implement full real-time and historical data visualization on an entire production line. HIROTEC hopes to share how its strategies of growth through scalability can be utilized by your company to achieve similar rapid success. Justin Hester
If You Can't Measure It, You Can't Manage It Connecting to "things"in an industrial environment can be difficult. Yet connection is critical to Operations and the ability to make smarter business decisions-if you can't measure it, you can't manage it. You'll learn about the complexities of communications in the Oil & Gas industry, including devices, networks, data, and the various applications that need field data to realize the power of the Industrial Internet of Things. Specifically, the session will first step through the various stages of the industry - from onshore and offshore drilling rigs to production facilities at wellsites to gathering and pipeline operations to refineries that prepare the products for market. It will then review the challenges that disparate devices, legacy equipment, limited bandwidth networks, and large data volumes present. Finally, the session will introduce Kepware's KEPServerEX connectivity platform as a solution to these industrial connectivity challenges. Steve Sponseller
Delight Customers and Gain Their Loyalty for Life Gaining visibility into existing data from your products is a significant milestone toward advanced service transformation. Leveraging solutions like Remote Service, Predictive Service with smart, connected products deliver major advantages when performing high value customer service. These become the foundation to advanced service contracts that delight customers and build lifetime customer loyalty. Join us for this session as we review the exciting PTC solutions that empower you on your journey to connected service. In addition, we will be joined by two connected service pioneers who are finding success paving the way forward. Jim Sweeney
Digital Engineering Transformation Journey and You You'll hear a lot about the Digital Engineering Journey throughout the week at LiveWorx - by attending this session discover how it will affect you. No matter what industry you are in or what department you occupy in your organization, the introduction of smart, connected technology will completely disrupt the way you are currently operating. Join us for this session as we outline what role you will play in this transformational journey, how you can prepare for the changes, and why you're going to love working in the IoT era. Kevin Wrenn
SLM Spare Parts Management Expert Panel - Mission Readiness through Supply Chain Optimization This panel of industry experts will discuss how different organizations such as the US Coast Guard and the Boeing Co have successfully utilized PTC Servigistics SPM solution to drive up fleet readiness and systems availability while positively impacting sustainment & operation costs. We'll discuss techniques such as Causal Forecasting and Multi-echelon Optimization, as well as the business considerations for migrating from older versions of SPM to the latest SPM v11. Dean Herdt
Danny Hale
Michael Mohesky
Marco Calderon
Wesley Malcolm
Sanjay Jagdale
Now You See It. Soon You'll Have It Your latest and soon to be greatest product is months away from a prototype but your sales call is next week. Take your product to the customer via AR. Demo your product via iPad with the detail and quality as if the product was physically there. Sandra Humphrey
Blockchain Technology: Paradigm Shift or Pixie Dust: Separating the Hype from the True Potential In the past several years, Blockchain Technology has moved from something that – if spoken of at all – was relegated to conversations about bitcoin. Now, Blockchain is a dominant conversation topic, not only around finance, but as it relates to the arts, music business, real estate, and many other sectors.< The reasons for this increased level of discourse are many, but relate to three key components of Blockchain Technology: - It is a distributed ledger - Because of the distributed nature of the ledger, it is immutable, and accessible to all - A core component of Blockchain technology is the concept of Smart Contracts, which allow for transactions to occur at scale and without intermediaries Still, confusion around the plausibility and relevance of Blockchain Technology remain; with some viewing it as a panacea and others viewing it as without merit. Over the past year, I have authored dozens of articles on Blockchain Technology, conducted dozens of interviews with key thought leaders in the Blockchain Tech space, spoken at dozens of events on Blockchain Tech, and consulted with numerous companies and entrepreneurs in this space. This session will consolidate my findings and offer recommendations with respect to the future of Blockchain Tech, how to benefit from it, and how to separate the hype from the actual promise. George Howard
Streamlining the MBD and Detailing Process with Creo Any Model-Based Definition (MBD) process starts with the annotated 3D model. Attend this session to learn how the new capabilities in Creo Parametric 4.0 help you to quickly annotate your 3D models while capturing the full semantic definition. In case your company is not ready yet to fully move to MBD, you will also learn about the powerful improvements in 2D detailing. Raphael Nascimento
Global Retail Technology Market Trends & Predictions Briefing on the state of play of the global retail market including trends, challenges, opportunities and the latest technologies playing a crucial role in transforming the retail industry. Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Nick Lansley
MBD Enables Easy Simulation of Product Performance Utilizing a Model-Based Definition, or MBD, of the part requirements creates the opportunity for companies to increase productivity and decrease time to market by reducing the cycle time of many activities in both design and manufacturing phases. For example, digital information can often automatically feed into the manufacturing and inspection equipment in lieu of manual transfer. Another area where many companies still rely on legacy methods is in tolerance analyses – many engineers still use spreadsheets. This area of engineering analysis can also become far more efficient by utilizing software tools specifically designed to understand and update requirements defined within the models. Instead of manually transferring data back and forth all work can occur within the CREO environment where updates are made to the model definitions in real-time. This session will cover how design teams working with manufacturing representatives can efficiently create complete and unambiguous product specifications within the CAD model that result in the lowest-cost products possible. Stephen Werst
Augmented IoT- A New Reality? Attend this session to get an understanding of how your organization can achieve a step function change in operations through the confluence of augmented reality and industrial internet of things (IoT). Advances in sensor and IoT platform technologies allow us to track a wide variety of measures, derive actionable insights through advanced analytics and control actions. At the same time progress in optics, camera, battery, and processor technologies have spurred the growth of smart glasses, resulting in devices capable of industrial-level performance. Combine these two exponential technologies and we can enable machine-to-human and machine-to-machine communications – facilitating the real-time transfer of insights and quick realization of business impact. Prashanth Jayaraman
Mahesh Chandramouli
What's New in ThingWorx 8? In this session you'll hear all about about what's new in the latest release of the ThingWorx industrial IoT platform. Additionally, you'll see a demonstration of the latest platform features designed to make is easier to build smart, connected products and implement smart, connected operations. Kathleen Mitford
Michael Campbell
IoT - (WTF) Windchill, Technology, Future Panel discussion with Raytheon, AGCO and others discussing how IOT is being incorporated in their business model and how Windchill is a core technology within the entire solution. We will explore the business case, current state, and what they are looking to achieve in the future. Ross Scott
Eric Froebel
The Road Ahead: How IoT is Shaping the Automotive Industry The Internet of Things (IoT) is infiltrating every industry from manufacturing to hairbrushes and does not look like slowing down soon. Whilst IoT is attracting massive investment, few volume deployments have been witnessed with real success. Dr David Pugh, IoT analyst with research firm IDTechEx will discuss how will the innovations unlocking our smart homes and cities will have a potentially paradigm shifting impact the automotive industry and how a useful market is gradually emerging from the confusion. David Pugh
Retail PLM DevOps Capability and Maturity Model DevOps Framework brings the understanding that software isn’t done until it’s successfully delivered to a user and meets their expectations around availability, performance, and pace of change. Framework aims at improving the efficiency by following Agile and DevOps principles, methods and tools. Manjunath Pandit
Yadvinder Changotra
Japan User Association News and Views Every year the Japan User Association releases a document summarizing their members' evaluation of Creo from the user's perspective. Members discuss important issues with the current climate of the business process of product design and future enhancements. This information is collected in a document called "Creo KAITAISHINSYO" and has received high praise from PTC R&D. I will share the current activities the association is working on. Shigeru Tsushima
Real-time Monitoring for Collaborative Robots The pace of change in technology is accelerating. New challenges arise every day, and innovative companies are using new solutions to meet those challenges. One of those solutions are COBOTS (Collaborative Robots) that helps the industry to reduce risk and repetitive tasks in a new and effective way. We were able to merge the physical COBOT with a digital twin by executing a full scope project with the ThingWorx technology from PTC. We were able to quickly and easily connect to the robot using ThingWorx’s industrial connectivity, powered by Kepware, and then quickly build applications that enabled real time monitoring and alert management. The team also developed AR experiences to enable clients to see the digital object move in a physical space. Jeff Bates
Christian Radillo
Jose Ortiz Gutierrez
Reducing the Cost Impact of Engineering Errors, Changes and Escapes for 3D Product Data The findings revealed in this presentation coalesce years of experience based on customer consulting engagements and 3D CAD validation projects conducted by ITI. Steven Meyers
Upgrading to Windchill 11.0 Migrating from PDMLink 10.2 to 11.0? Hear how Daktronics will be migrating their Windchill environments from PDMLink 10.2 M030 CPS23 to PDMLink 11.0 M030 including upgrades to Oracle 12c with a 500 GB database. The migration will run across five test and one production environment consisting of 24 servers, all new production hardware, supporting over 500 users spanning engineering, sourcing, manufacturing and service. Learn how detailed planning, multiple test runs, and user preparation will allow us to successfully complete the production system upgrade over a single weekend. Leo Schleicher
Andy Hermanson
Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress: How David’s Bridal Develops the Right Product, at the Right Price, Faster with Consumer-Driven Predictive Analytics It’s tough to develop and pick successful new products. With new product failure rates well over 50%, even experienced designers and merchants struggle to launch products that will win in the market. Leveraging the power of predictive analytics, retailers and brands can identify which products will resonate best with customers and make better decisions armed with both history-based planning tools and the voice of the customer. Join us to learn how incorporating the voice of the customer into assortment and planning decisions can significantly reduce markdowns and increase margins. Discussion points include how to: - Reduce markdowns by more accurately forecasting demand, AUR price, and margin for each item - Shorten time to market, cut product testing costs, and increase new product success rates using customer-powered predictive analytics. - Leverage your PLM investment by integrating with ThingWorx Advanced Analytics and real-time consumer input for optimized line planning. Gretchen Jezerc
Mark Chrystal
Nick Lansley
100% BOM Association and What it Can Do for You We will share an overview of the implementation of 100% association between WTParts and CAD Objects across John Deere. The implementation enables full visualization of the Engineering BOM (EBOM). Cory Oltrogge
The Digital Value Chain - GE's Manufacturing Journey We will share the solution strategy that enabled our digital thread solution connecting CAD, PLM, ERP and MES pillar applications to enable digital manufacturing. We'll outline multiple use cases supporting make to stock, configure to order and engineer to orderflows. Additionally, we'll highlight business challenges and application limitations that need to be overcome to meet all business requirements. Robert Ibe
Design for Additive Manufacturing A review of the capabilities in Creo 4.0 to Design for Additive Manufacturing, and an explanation on how a Creo user can take advantage of the 3D printing capabilities without transferring data across multiple software packages specialized in different tasks. Jose Coronado
Creo Parametric 4.0: Core Modeling Product Update Learn about the latest enhancements to Creo Parametric’s core and flexible modeling capabilities, which apply both to regular part mode and sheet metal design. The session ends with a look at what’s planned for in Creo 5.0. Martin Neumueller
USAF/ARMY – “Increase Readiness, Improve Warfighter Support” through Agile, Integrated Mission Planning The U.S. Department of Defense operates the most complex global supply chains in the world. The USAF is highly respected for managing one of the most complex supply chains with over 5,000 aircraft, 650,000 items, and supports weapon systems in 1,500 locations across a global theatre of operations. PTC Service Parts Management SaaS will enable the USAF to improve demand forecast accuracy, reduce planning workload, implement comprehensive supply planning with supportability, achieve near real-time supply chain metrics, improve logistics cost estimation and optimize aircraft availability by location. The U.S. Army established the Transforming Army Supply Chains (TASC) project to investigate the nature, causes, and consequences of demand uncertainty and supply variability. TASC identified and tested several catalysts for innovation, including mission-based forecasting (MBF), a new concept to support demand planning for military operations. MBF capitalizes on big data, the Internet of Things (IOT), and predictive analytics for condition-based maintenance (CBM). CBM extends predictive maintenance concepts through the use of sensors, Internet connectivity, and digital analytics to determine the remaining useful life of items and ensure replacement as needed prior to executing a particular mission. MBF testing has resulted in substantial reductions in forecast error, inventory savings of billions of dollars, and elimination of costly work-arounds. Danny Hale
Dave Robbins
e.GO Life: Outcome-based Design for Electric Cars Electric cars that are fun, practical and affordable – e.GO Mobile takes a radically new approach to design, validate and produce lightweight e-cars for everyday use. Uncompromising cost efficiency and maximum flexibility are key to success in this highly competitive and fast-changing market. The traditional OEM-Supplier approach has been replaced with a collaborative research and engineering partner network. The agile product engineering process is characterized by small and fast iterations to get immediate feedback from prototype users. Rather than wasting time and effort by managing copious amounts of requirements and textual specification documents which quickly become outdated, a model-based system design allows for early system behavior validation through simulation, automatic generation of all necessary software elements for system connectivity and prototype-in-the-loop validation for constant improvement of critical performance parameters such as the e-car’s range. This session explains and demonstrates these techniques with PTC’s model-based systems engineering capabilities in combination with Thingworx as IoT platform. Christoph Braeuchle
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