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LiveWorx 2017

Why is ‘The Edge’ Important for the Promise of IIoT in Oil & Gas

Session Description

Conceptually, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) have been discussed at great lengths over the past few of years. “Why IIoT for Oil & Gas?” has been asked, use cases have been explored, and implementations are underway. The shift from concept to implementation is now sparking new discussions. Users and systems integrators are asking the “what” and “how” of IIoT, wondering what technology is best and how integration will work between various applications. One particular concern over the IoT is how to connect to the 35 to 50 Billion devices by 2020 (a 2015 Gartner estimate). In the Oil & Gas industry, many times the networks available to connect to devices in the field have limited bandwidth. Companies are already struggling today to connect their SCADA systems and devices – the thought of connecting to even more devices and applications doesn’t seem realistic. Another concern with sending data across networks and potentially into “the cloud” is security. The Oil & Gas industry is already a target of cyber security due to the volatile nature of their product and the catastrophic impacts a man-in-the-middle cyber-attack could potentially cause. Sending more and more data across networks could open vulnerabilities. In this session, we will cover what is IIoT, the “Things” in the Oil & Gas industry, and the types of applications that want the data in these things. We will then discuss data collection at “the edge” and how this can improve connectivity in these low-bandwidth networks while also enhancing the security of your communications. Performing analytics at the edge is now possible with today’s embedded computing power. We will discuss the use case of edge analytics and how it can also alleviate the challenges of data collection and transfer across your network.

Session Presenter
Additional Information
Industrial Internet of Things
Oil & Gas
Understand how IIoT solutions could serve the Oil & Gas industry.
Understand the problems and challenges of implementing IIoT for the Oil & Gas industry.
Learn about the edge and how a new distributed communications architecture and analytics at the edge can help the industry overcome these challenges.
Breakout Session
45 minutes
Session Schedule